Logic EaseBall for Hairballs

What is it for?

Cats spend a lot of their time grooming and this in turn removes a lot of loose hairs. These hairs are then swallowed. The majority of this hair passes all the way through the digestive tract causing no problems. Sometimes however the hair stays in the stomach and can form hairballs.

It can certainly be unpleasant clearing up a hairball and if you have an indoor cat you are very likely to have seen one in your home.

Logic® EaseBall helps with both the removal of hairballs and in reducing their occurrence.

Who is it for?

Hairballs are more likely to form in longhaired cats or indoor cats, however any cat can get hairballs. Some cats can be obsessive groomers and in turn swallow a lot of hair.

The signs and symptoms you may see if your cat has hairballs are:

  • Vomiting – food/hairballs
  • Reduced appetite
  • Retching/gagging

If you are ever worried about your cat a veterinary health check can rule out other medical causes of these signs.

A lot of cats will bring hairballs up naturally or they will pass out through their intestinal tract. If the hair does not pass through, it can potentially get trapped becoming uncomfortable and leading to problems. Using a supplement can assist in safe removal of hairballs.

Why Logic® EaseBall?

Logic® EaseBall is a SUPER TASTY, salmon flavoured soft chew that is full of natural fish oils which lubricate the digestive tract and enhance the passage of fur through the gut. This can reduce the occurrence of hairballs if used daily or it can assist with removing a hairball as up to 4 chews can be given when a hairball is suspected.

It is an easy, tasty alternative to pastes or tablets and has been designed so your cat believes they are just being given a healthy treat daily.

PLUS due to the natural fish oils Logic® EaseBall contains it can also contribute to a healthy and shiny coat.


Mineral Oil and Salmon Oil.

Directions for use:
To manage hairballs1 chew daily
To remove hairballsup to 4 chews a day