What is it for?

Hepaticare is a liver support supplement for both cats and dogs with micro-encapsulated SAMe to increase stability and palatability.

Who is it for?

Hepaticare is for any dog or cat where a liver support supplement had been recommended by their vet.

Why Hepaticare?

Hepaticare helps neutralise free radicals created by the liver that cause damage to cells.

It contains three antioxidants:

  • Micro-encapsulated SAMe
    which remains stable in the stomach juices.
  • Vitamin E
  • Silybin

Hepaticare also contains high levels of Vitamin K, which is used by the liver to produce clotting factors, which may be reduced with chronic liver problems.

Capsules may be given whole or opened and mixed with or sprinkled over food. For long-term use , give once daily for 2-3 months and then reduce to every other day for long-term maintenance.

50mg is ideal for cats due to its small size and ease of use.

Directions for use:
Pet Weight
0 – 41 capsule--
4 – 72 capsulesor 1 capsule-
7 – 13-2 capsulesor 1 capsule
13 – 20-3 capsules-
20 – 28-4 capsules2 capsules
28 – 38--3 capsules
Over 38--4 capsules