Logic EaseFlex for Joint Support

What is it for?

Life can cause wear and tear to joints. Damage to the smooth cartilage layer that covers and protects the bones in a joint can lead to pain, inflammation and eventually arthritis. All cats can develop joints problems but it becomes more likely as they get older.

Logic® EaseFlex for cats is designed to help support healthy cartilage and maintain joint function.

Who is it for?

When a cat reaches 7 they are considered to be senior and so receiving additional supplemental support will help their body as it ages. Joint problems in cats are often less obvious than in dogs and the signs often go unnoticed.

Treating your pet to a high quality joint supplement early in life to help soothe active joints and support long term joint health, even before you notice any signs, makes perfect sense!

Signs that may indicate that your cat needs joint support include:

  • Is your cat reluctant to jump off the kitchen counter like they used to?
  • Has your cat slowed down or it’s personality changed?
  • Does your cat groom less?
  • Is your cat less active?

Why Logic® EaseFlex?

Logic® EaseFlex for cats is a soft, chewy, tuna flavoured joint supplement. It contains a high concentration of ingredients specially designed to help support healthy cartilage and normal joint function in cats.

It is an easy, tasty alternative to tablets, granules or liquids and has been designed so that you can enjoy treating your cat rather than struggling to give them a tablet.


Glucosamine HCL
A type of naturally occurring amino sugar which, plays an important role in the formation of healthy joint cartilage.

A natural component which helps to maintain the elasticity of the joint cartilage and slow down its destruction by enzymes.

MSM (Methylsulfonylmethane)
A source of naturally occurring sulphur, required as a building block in cartilage, which plays a vital role in joint movement.

Directions for use:
1 chew daily.
Supplementing your pet has never been so easy.