Joint Health for Cats

Life will cause wear and tear to joints.

Damage to the smooth cartilage layer that covers and protects the bone in a joint can lead to pain, inflammation and eventually arthritis. Arthritis simply means ‘inflammation of the joints’ and is a common and under recognised problem for cats, often mistaken for the cat “slowing down with age”. This condition is as painful in cats as in humans although cats are very good at hiding the signs giving you few clues as to the underlying problem.

Signs which may indicate that your cat has developed this problem may include:

  • Unwillingness to jump or climb through stiffness and reduced mobility.
  • Not using the litter tray due to difficulty getting in or out of it.
  • Hiding away, grumpiness or aggression from the underlying changes and resulting discomfort.
  • Decrease in the desire to play.
  • Scaling and matting of the fur with reduced grooming (e.g. base of tail and middle of back).
  • Weather related worsening of signs (e.g. damp or cold).
  • Stiffness after resting which improves with movement.
Supplements are available, such as Logic Easeflex® For Cats. These tasty chews are specifically designed to help the health and mobility of your pets joints through the inclusion of glucosamine, chondroitin and methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM).