Happy, healthy, active pets is our priority.
Every LOGIC® product has been created to a veterinary standard and is available in vet practice, online and in pet shops.
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Ceva are committed to improving veterinary knowledge and to assisting vets, farmers, animal care professionals and pet owners in keeping abreast of the latest veterinary and animal management developments. We continue to expand out innovative portfolio to do this.
The LOGIC® range is brought to you by the makers of the No.1 Behaviour ranges ADAPTIL® and FELIWAY®.
For more information on these products visit www.adaptil.com/uk and www.feliway.com/uk
CEVA Awards
Logic® Oral Hygiene Gel
Your Cat Award
Best Health Product
  • Feliway Classic Diffuser – Winner, Best Cat Health Product 2016
  • Feliway Classic Diffuser – Highly Commended, Product You Can’t Live Without 2016
  • Feliway Diffuser – Highly Commended, Best Health Product 2015
  • Feliway Cat Friendly Award 2013
  • Feliway Friends Cat Friendly Award 2016
  • Feliscratch by Feliway 2017