Logic Senilife Capsules

Logic Senilife Capsules

Senilife helps manage brain ageing in dogs.

Behavioural changes relating to ageing are very common. In fact, studies show that up to 75% of dogs over 7 years and 35% of cats over 11 years suffer from at least one geriatric behaviour problem. Commonly reported problems include playing or interacting less, increased tiredness, disorientation, barking or howling at night and loss of house-training/ litterbox training.

Many pet owners are unaware that natural and effective products are available, such as Logic Senilife®, that are specifically formulated to manage signs of brain ageing in dogs. Logic Senilife® contains five naturally derived ingredients (phosphatidylserine, vitamin B6, vitamin E, ginkgo biloba and resveratrol) which are proven to support brain function.

In fact, in a recent study, after 7 days of administering Logic Senilife®. Over 50% showed less severe signs of tiredness, apathy and playing less and over 70% of cases were less prone to howl or bark at night. After one month`s treatment, 86% of pet owners were satisfied with the results achieved. Satisfied customer Ms Innes explains “After a week of Senilife® he was like a different dog, much brighter and more alert. He now rarely has a senior moment and the look of confusion he sometimes had has all but disappeared”.

Logic Senilife® is formulated for long-term use and is available in liquid capsules which should be administered once daily. Simply snip off the top of the capsule and mix the contents into the pet’s food.

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