Logic firm

Logic Firm (previously Diar-Stop)

Logic® Firm is balanced and proven intestinal support for cats and dogs.

Digestive upsets in dogs and cats occur when the intestines become irritated. This can be caused by a sudden change in diet or by eating inappropriate food, e.g. scavenging on a walk or eating from the rubbish bin.

Logic® Firm is a pharmaceutical grade formulation which helps support a dog or cat’s digestion.

A number of supplements are available, such as Logic® Firm, that help to support intestinal function. These contain ingredients (such as montmorrillonite) which maintain intestinal function by coating the intestinal cells, and absorbing toxins. Logic® Firm also contains prebiotics. These help to maintain intestinal flora by promoting the growth of good bacteria (such as bifidobacteria and lactobacilli).

Pet Weight
Syringe Size
Syringe Size
Syringe Size
0 – 7For Cats and Dogs
7 – 30For Dogs only
> 30For Dogs only
Body WeightNumber of Graduations
2kg - 7kg11
8kg - 30kg11
> 30kg11